How Uncle Adrian Saved Christmas

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As a young child, my great uncle would arrive at our house with my grandparents just before Christmas. Most years, he would bunk up with me. My room was down a long hall from the living room, past the entryway and my sister’s room. As you entered, model rockets lined the top of my bright […]

Bitcoin Mania

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ve probably heard about the Bitcoin craze and other cryptocurrencies using distributed ledger technology. I’m a borderline technology geek, so I have been reading about, and tracking, Bitcoin for awhile. A few years ago, I looked into funding a bitcoin wallet in […]

Record Market Levels = Time for a Gut Check

Record Market Levels = Time for a Gut Check

The market is hot right now – to say the least. We all know it’s cyclical in nature so in a way it feels like we’re just waiting on the inevitable downturn: we just don’t know when, and we don’t know by how much. At current valuation levels, both domestic and international, we are well beyond […]

Making Your List, Checking it Twice – Holiday Budgeting Tips

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Without a plan it’s easy for things to get out of hand over the holidays. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure all of your gifts get handled reasonably and efficiently: Make a list. Write out everyone you need to purchase a gift for this season. Create a budget. Decide how […]

Morningstar Tarnished by WSJ: My Thoughts

A recent Wall Street Journal front page story, “The Morningstar Mirage,” stated what most advisers should already know: Morningstar ratings don’t mean much. In my experience, those who rely upon star ratings do so for one of three reasons: Selling. Any typical run-of-the-mill rep knows how to screen for five-star funds and put together a […]

Beware of the Advising World’s Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

When I first decided to start my own Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm, my longtime peer and friend responded incredulously, “You’re going to walk away from all of your trail commissions? Are you crazy?” Maybe I was crazy, but I was about to embark on a new business journey and had decided to voluntarily leave […]

Could a Roth IRA become your safety net?

Created by Congress twenty years ago, the Roth IRA is starting to show up in seasoned retirement plans in a big way. I remember when the Roth IRA first came out, I thought of it as a tool best suited for younger people in lower tax brackets. Now with real data available, I have come to realize that most […]

Do You Need Long Term Care and Life Insurance in Retirement?

As we get older and enter retirement, some decisions need to be made regarding insurance coverage. We know from our own experiences with elderly parents – and from what we read –  that long term care insurance makes sense. However, the premiums can be extremely high as we discuss in this related post. We also […]

Maximizing the Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

Maximizing the Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

At this point, just about everyone seems to be enrolled in a high deductible Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible health plan. The escalating costs of healthcare are astounding. I was depressed for days after realizing a few years ago that my monthly health insurance premium exceeded my mortgage payment. Adding insult to injury, our higher […]

Saturday Morning Silliness: Financial Advice via your Radio

From time to time, clients ask me to comment on what they hear from financial advisors on the radio. The first thing I try to explain is these are paid advertisements. Local advisors pay for their time on the radio in order to generate leads. Some, who may be nationally syndicated, make a significant amount […]