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Schulz Wealth is a boutique wealth management firm. We specialize in helping business owners navigate every stage of their business, from startup to maturity and all the way through the all-important moment of transitioning to life after business.

We understand the challenges. We understand the complexity. We have your back. 

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Protecting Your Success

Congratulations! You made it, and now have a successful business. Your singular focus has been the success of your business. Now that you’re here, what’s next?

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Planning Your Transition

There’s a 100% probability that someday you will no longer be a business owner. Make sure it is on your terms. Are you prepared?


Preserving Your Legacy

Success creates financial complexity. You will need a well coordinated wealth management process to simplify decision making and properly execute.

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Protecting Your Success

The timing could not have been worse for Joe and Cindy. It was 2009 and they just had their third child. Cindy was staying at home and Joe lost his job as a consultant. 

Joe had always wanted to strike out and hang his own shingle, but the corporate salaries he had were nice. He had a growing family with growing needs and walking away from that financially seemed like too much of a risk. But with few other options, it was time to make that hard decision. 

What he thought was the worst timing ever turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He started Genera at ground zero. Three tough but rewarding years later, he had built a business that could sustain and take care of his growing family. 

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Planning Your Transition

Matt has a fantastic business with incredible employees. He loves his people, loves being at work, and enjoys everything about being a business owner.

As much as he loves what he is doing, there is a 100% probability that someday he will no longer be a business owner. And the problem is, time keeps marching on. 

So what does he do? Does he just keep marching on doing the same thing and let transition happen on somebody else’s terms? Or, does he go ahead and start making the decisions that company can continue someday without him. Ultimately, these tough decisions can ensure the legacy of his family and many of the other things that are important to him.

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Preserving Your Legacy

Isn’t success supposed to be easier than this? That’s what Al always thought. However, the more success he achieved the more complicated everything seemed.

When things get hard we have two choices:  deal with it, plan and make hard decisions,  or decide to let somebody else worry about it after you are gone 

Al’s not the type to leave others to deal with his problems. He decided early on in his financial success that he would take action and make sure that the structure and planning was in place to take care of his family when they needed it. It was not easy, requiring ongoing updates and meetings with trusted advisors, but it was important.

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