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Many years ago I wrote “Never Worry about Money” along with some other personal goals on a small laminated card that I carried around in my wallet. That was, and remains today the primary focus with regard to my own personal finances. For me, it is the crux of the issue – where all my efforts to make money, save it or spend wisely come to a finite point of success or failure.

I believe most people spend a good deal of time worrying about money. We worry about not having enough, we worry about losing it, and we worry about how our wealth compares to others. Regardless of how successful many people become, the worrying never subsides and in many cases is exacerbated by the further accumulation of wealth.

How do you resist the urge to worry? It can be tough, but here are some concepts that can help:

  1. Acknowledge that you are rich. If you ate a meal today, have clean water to drink, and a roof over your head; from a statistical standpoint you should consider yourself very fortunate. Your money problems are “rich people” problems that a majority of the World’s inhabitants would love to have, along with your cellphone, car, and toothbrush.

  2. Give credit. You are rich, and it is not all because of your own hard work and intelligence. Circumstances and other people around you, like your family, friends, clients, and co-workers had more to do with your financial success than your own efforts. Believe it!

  3. Relinquish control. No matter how careful or smart you are, outside forces are at work to either make you more money or take it away. It’s okay, if the worst happens you will still probably be rich.

  4. Give it away. Give freely to others who are less fortunate through the Church or charitable causes. The act of giving significantly reduces the power money has over you.

I try hard to remember these four points when I am making financial decisions to gain perspective and clarity. I think the right attitude has a lot to do with our financial success, especially if you want to enjoy it!

Special Note: If you have not had a chance to read Andy Stanley’s book entitled How to be Rich, it’s a great read. You should pick it up! The concepts I share with you today are based on some of his profound insight.