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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 7- Navigating The Post-Pandemic Mortgage Industry with Shawn Broussard

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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 7- Navigating The Post-Pandemic Mortgage Industry with Shawn Broussard

Shawn Broussard is the CEO of Service First Mortgage, a full-service mortgage lending company established in 1997 to serve clients in Texas and Arizona. The Service First Mortgage team prides itself on being a preferred partner of the real estate community, with clients using their services for fast underwriting turnaround and shorter-than-average processing days. As CEO, Shawn strives to improve customer service by equipping his team with various tools and training. He says a happy team is what creates a culture of customer satisfaction.

In this episode, Shawn discusses how he joined the mortgage industry and what makes Service First Mortgage different from other mortgage companies. He describes the various risks and regulations associated with mortgages. He explains what can threaten the industry in the future and how businesses can prepare. He shares how a healthy team leads to better customer service. Shawn also describes how they fared throughout the pandemic and what he predicts the future of workplaces will be post-Covid-19.

“Being able to do it for a long time in the mortgage industry is a big deal. That is a tough industry to survive.” – Rob Schulz

This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • Who Shawn is, when his passion for mortgages started, and how he got into the mortgage industry
  • The different risks associated with this type of business
  • Identifying the most critical part of any company
  • The industry threats Shawn sees on the horizon
  • Why Shawn doesn’t see real estate pricing going down in Texas
  • Why Shawn doesn’t see himself retiring anytime soon
  • Shawn’s purpose in his business right now
  • Why Service First Mortgage leadership focus on their team instead of their customers
  • How they were ready to do business during the pandemic
  • How the elections affected the mortgage business
  • What working will be like in a post-pandemic world




Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “When you go to a consumer-direct model―and you have those peaks and valleys―you have to staff up and lay off.” – Shawn Broussard
  • “If you have a healthy team, then you have good customer service.” – Shawn Broussard
  • “Interest rates will increase or decrease our flow of business, but they won’t put us out of business.” – Shawn Broussard

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