For Entertainment Purposes Only

By May 1, 2015
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As a parent, I watch a LOT of volleyball. I sometimes think I know the game and start making suggestions to my oldest daughter who plays competitively in college. She reminds me quickly that I am a fan and not an expert. No matter how many games I watch, I’ll never be a volleyball expert because just watching will not get me there. Becoming an expert takes a higher level of engagement into the strategy, plays, and techniques than I am willing to commit.

The same holds true for watching investment and finance programming on television.

Media executives and producers decide what to put on the air based upon how many viewers can be generated. The goal of television is to generate a high level of interest so that people will watch. Therefore, do not expect much useful investment information via on air media because it’s boring. Professional investment advisors trade upon complex statistical data, theories, and research that most people have no desire to read or understand.

On occasion I will watch investment shows on TV, but for entertainment purposes only. I hear that “Wall Street Warriors” is supposed to be good so it’s in my queue. I will not; however, trade securities based on anything I watch on television; nor should anyone.