Tornado Drill lends a Fresh Perspective

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Last Tuesday, we pretended like a tornado hit the office. All day we worked from home, testing our communications and computer systems to make sure we would be able to do our jobs if the real thing occurred. The drill

was similar to the ones we routinely ran aboard ship during my Navy days. Back then, there was always something to be learned every time we ran a drill, and our drill last week was no exception.

We plan, but there is no way to know how prepared we really are until we run a drill or experience the real thing. The same holds true for personal financial events. That’s why hiring an experienced planner and adviser is the best thing you can do to be prepared financially for what lies ahead.

Good planners and advisers run drills with clients in the office, especially when trying to determine Estate and life insurance needs. Experienced planners and advisers routinely help clients educate their kids, retire, and work through the death of loved ones. The knowledge we have gained through real-life situations, along with our training and processes, can be the difference maker in your financial life.
Are you and the ones you care about benefiting from the experience, training, and processes of a financial planner? If not, it’s tough to be prepared for what lies ahead.

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