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Have you ever thought about how the tips, tricks, and insights you share with others can have a lasting impact?  The sound advice you share with people can drastically change their lives even though it may seem so simple to you.

We recently had a new client in the office looking to us to provide financial planning. A married couple in their late 30s with four kids, we ran the numbers and came up with a good scenario right off the bat. How? All because of some advice he received years ago that he took to heart and implemented.  His first manager at his first job out of college insisted that he contribute 8 percent of his pay towards his retirement plan, and he never stopped. Now, their retirement is secured so they can focus on the many other financial challenges of raising a family.  

In just a few minutes, over 15 years ago, his manager changed the course of this family’s future by sharing some simple advice that set them up for success and had a major impact on their financial future.

As managers, teachers, parents, friends, and advisors, let’s not lose sight of the impact we can have on young men and women as they enter the workforce.  That simple tip you share could be something that impacts their entire life.  Speak up and encourage them to start saving for retirement right away because it’s always harder to start later.  

Those are my thoughts, have a great Thursday!

– Rob