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By January 13, 2014
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I love this article by Mikey Rox on Wise Bread called 10 Habits of Financially Happy People (click on the link to read the article).

Mikey used the word “happy” instead of “successful” in his title. I don’t use the term “happy” enough, and I overuse “successful” at times. Happy is an emotion or feeling that I have always thought of as externally initiated.

On the other hand, “successful” is a term that to most represents hard work that has paid off. Success is internally initiated and fits logically in line with what good habits can produce.

But wait, can any successful person honestly say they succeeded completely on their own solely as a result of their own impeccable habits? Of course not! External factors are at play in our lives all of the time that will impact our success. So, when that hard work doesn’t pay off (believe me, it happens) many times we are unable to cope with the unexpected result.

I think the habits of financially happy people as Mikey states them can only be implemented from a position of gratitude. Being grateful for what we have and for what others have done for us gives us the freedom to choose good habits that result in financial happiness.

Mikey’s last habit on the list states that financially happy people never give up. Grateful people never give up because they know it’s not all up to them. They know there are people and circumstances at play in their lives that will help and support them just like they always have.


By Rob Schulz