Thoughts on Collaboration and Accountability

Accountability is a powerful driver of success that most of us want to avoid like the plague. Just like planning it’s not very fun and sexy. Years ago, I decided it was time to get back in shape. At first I struggled, inconsistently starting and stopping my exercise routine. Then one evening, we were out with friends and Robin, a longtime friend courageously announced that she wanted to get back in shape. So for the first time, I verbalized my goal and admitted how I was struggling. Next thing you know we were collaborating, sharing ideas and resources, and coming up with goals and challenges. That was really the first step in a long and fruitful journey towards better health for me. Now, I use accountability regularly to push myself mentally and physically into new, uncomfortable territory so I can grow and succeed. 

To achieve personal financial success it helps to talk it out, share ideas, and allow others to hold you accountable. If your financial plan is all in your head or has never been shared with anybody, it has a very low probability of success. That’s just the reality of how us humans are built. However; if you take a courageous step and share your ideas and plans with your spouse, close friend, or adviser something magical happens. Just like for me when an evening with friends turned into a watershed moment, your verbalization could become the first step towards an exciting new adventure.

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