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Only a very small percentage of Americans will ever experience financial independence.


Because just being successful in our professional careers is not enough. We have to know how to translate our professional success into personal financial success.

Financial independence is a big, complex problem that eludes many, primarily because of the behavioral inconsistencies we all exhibit when trying to accomplish personal goals.

If we want to lose weight or train for a marathon, we might manage it on our own, but realistically, it probably won’t happen. But if we get a coach, or at the very least some type of accountability partner, our probability of success soars. The same is true for personal financial success, yet compounded exponentially by the complexity and time required to complete.

This is why most families need a financial planner. By financial planner, I don’t mean a financial salesman who reps for one of the big banks, wirehouses, or broker/dealers. I mean a Certified Financial Planner™ who does financial planning and does NOT sell stocks, mutual funds, annuities, or life insurance.

It would be unrealistic to ask your running shoe salesman to write up a marathon training plan, and guide you thru your training and preparation all the way to the finish line. He may know all there is to know about shoes, and probably a few things about training for a marathon, but at the end of the day, he is getting paid to sell you shoes.

If you really want to achieve personal financial success, ditch the salesman and hire a real financial planner.

Just Do It.