By September 23, 2020
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I have had deep and detailed financial discussions with most of my clients during our current pandemic crisis. Some are having the most successful years of their lives while others have had their income decimated.

It’s easy to believe that a negative event, like a pandemic, brings about only negative results. The stellar performance of stocks like West Pharmaceuticals, Apple, Tractor Supply, and Chipotle teaches us otherwise. Whenever something catastrophic and unexpected happens, there can be winners and losers. Whichever side we find ourselves on has more to do with chance than it does anything else.

But how we get through it has nothing to do with chance and everything to do with how prepared we are. Financially responsible people find themselves prepared for uncertainty. Their habits, planning, and investment reserves allow them to survive when their livelihood is threatened or thrive when opportunity arises. 2020 has brought both.

A good, solid savings and investment plan with regular ongoing financial planning and modeling provides the solid foundation families need to be able to win through good times and bad. Resilience is the fruit of good financial planning and investment management. It’s times like these where this becomes clearly evident.