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Office Culture and Real Estate Advice with David Walters                    

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P&L Podcast Episode 38 David Walters
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David Walters is the Senior Vice President of CBRE Fort Worth, a leader in commercial real estate services and investment with over 105,000 professionals in over 100 countries. He has over 22 years of experience in real estate, focusing on tenant reputation, consulting, government services, higher education, and consulting. He is a recognized expert in acquisitions, dispositions, and financial consulting.

David joins me today to describe how his career in real estate began and how the pandemic affected CBRE. He offers actionable advice for those interested in investing in real estate. He discusses risk management and why crashes and calamities are inevitable. He explains the real estate situation in the North Texas area. David also shares his thoughts on the popularity of remote work and why he prefers traditional office culture.

"If you were a young person, I just don't know how you could not be in the office—not learning from all kinds of things." - David Walters

This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • How David got started in the real estate industry
  • The effect the dot-com bubble had around David's area
  • What David tells everyone when preparing for calamities
  • Comparing the recent pandemic to previous national disasters
  • Why David prefers going to an office over remote work
  • What 2020 was like for David and his career
  • Measuring current occupancy rates around Texas
  • The positive effects of the pandemic on hobbies and recreation
  • David's advice to those who want to put some money into real estate
Our Favorite Quotes:
    • "The best commercial real estate brokers are the ones who know what's going on." - David Walters
    • "As business people, you have to be able to work through disasters and make sure your business survives." - Rob Schulz
    • "One of the concerns I have is how people make their decisions around real estate." - Rob Schulz

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