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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 34 –

Making a Charitable Impact for Your Exit Strategy with Stan Ninemire and Amanda Lewis

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P&L Podcast Episode 34
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Amanda Lewis and Stan Ninemire are part of the North Texas Community Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps donors support causes that matter to them through tax-efficient strategies. Amanda is the Director of Charitable Gift Planning and assists clients with philanthropic advising and solicitation of donor prospects. Stan Ninemire is the company’s Chief Investment Officer with extensive experience in all aspects of operations, accounting, finance, and supply chain management.  

Amanda and Stan join me today to describe how the North Texas Community Foundation allows clients to make an impact with their money before or after exiting their business. They share how owners should plan for charity and the organizations they can support. They discuss what a donor-advised fund is and why it’s a popular tool used by many philanthropists. They also explain how they help clients find the charities they can impact the most and what would happen if the owners wanted to donate internationally.

"Owners want to see their dollars make an impact and know they're going to move the needle for an organization that means something to them.” - Amanda Lewis

This week on Priorities & Lifestyle:

  • How Amanda found her passion in helping owners get established with their giving
  • What owners should think about when their business is about to be sold
  • Donor-advised funds and why they’re popular
  • How to make charity more impactful
  • The countries their services extend to
  • What drew Stan to the foundation
  • The documentation involved when a donor wants to use their services
  • Their thoughts on remote work




Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "I never would have guessed that people could work as effectively remotely as well as we can." - Stan Ninemire
  • "I want to be charitable, but what I really want is my kids to do that, too." - Rob Schulz
  • "You're talking about not selling the business and then taking the proceeds and being charitable with it, but potentially moving the stock itself into a charitable structure prior to the sale." - Rob Schulz

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