Calling It: The Exciting Day When Financial Independence Just Happens.

By May 16, 2018
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“I think we’re going to be able to call it.”, Austin says as we review our client’s financial plan and assets on the big screen in my office. We’ve been running and re-running the scenarios, carefully reviewing possible future expenses and expected returns. We adjust for different inflation scenarios, stress test against market crashes, model untimely deaths, and add-in rising healthcare costs.

Our software hums along, churning out thousands of simulations based on past market conditions and fluctuations.

“83 percent probability of success”, I say as the Monte Carlo simulation completes its analysis. “Not bad, I think we have it!”

We’re excited. Tomorrow, when our client comes in, we’ll call it.

For us, “calling it” is the culmination and ultimate result of years of working with a client. The day we call it is the day our client could if they wanted to, quit their paying gig and live comfortably on accumulated assets.

Calling it spells freedom. True financial independence is the ultimate payoff from good planning and implementation.

Funny thing: most times, actually nearly every time we call it with a client, they continue to work and achieve, sometimes for many years after their personal financial success has been cemented.

But they work differently, with a different attitude, perspective, and a clearer sense of calling that may not have been there before. For many, the culmination of their life’s work and accomplishments will occur AFTER personal financial success has been attained: I believe, in many cases, because of it.


It’s a privilege to be an active participant in such an amazing, life-changing process and event.