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You have never heard of any of my heroes, so naming them by name is unimportant. Besides, my heroes are not interested in publicity.

My heroes lead quiet lives, in attractive, inviting homes, where their values and interests are on display. Maybe a Grandkid’s well-used toybox in the corner of the living room. Sometimes, a shop resides out back where cool, creative work happens for the joy of leisure. Pictures of visited faraway places, adventures, friends, and family.

My hero’s eyes light up when their favorite subjects come up. It could be golf, cycling, traveling, or a great book, but usually revolves around people: what their kids are doing, their grandkids, or a friend they just recently visited.

My heroes surprisingly don’t talk about their accomplishments much. This is surprising because they ARE accomplished! In most cases, my heroes are the best in class. Many are retired engineers with patents to their names, teachers, former executives of well-known corporations, or entrepreneurs that once carved a nice living out of nothing.

My heroes are committed people. Many of them are still married to their high school or college sweethearts. They committed themselves to their families. Decisions were made, hard decisions, over and over and over again, that demonstrated their commitment. Over the years and decades, their commitment bore fruit. Strong kids. Close friends. A nice living. A successful retirement.

Very little of what they earned came easily, yet my heroes are quick to point out the role of others in their success. Their success did not come quickly either. Over time, habitually, and persistently, they made their way down paths of distinction.

My heroes are my retired clients.