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What Schulz Wealth Can Do For You

We believe Retirement Planning is an ongoing, never-ending process. Life is always changing and our customized planning is designed to flex with your unique needs.

We conduct Retirement Planning at an extremely high level of care and expertise. It all starts with our personalized Cash Flow and Personal Financial Statements. From these documents, we calculate your retirement plan at Normal Retirement Age along with a tracking graphic that is updated quarterly to monitor your progress. As progress is made towards solving your baseline retirement goal, we start layering in additional phases, stages, risk factors, and variables to strengthen the plan and mitigate potential risks.

It doesn’t end at retirement either! Deriving an income from a portfolio is in many ways more complicated than asset accumulation. For our retired clients, the process marches on as we continue to carefully monitor the portfolio and provide income.

Professional money management is serious business that we believe requires serious consideration around who is managing your portfolio, what it is costing you, and whether or not the performance is meeting your needs.

Our process is designed to provide you with clear and continual information so you always know where you stand and where you are headed.

  • Direct access to Dimensional Fund Advisors low cost/no-load funds on an institutional basis.
  • Technologically advanced clearing through TD Ameritrade.
  • Customized portfolios that allow for client-specific trade restrictions, tax efficiency, and flexibility.

We construct, implement, and carefully monitor your customized investment portfolio to weather the storms of volatility using proven and well thought out strategies.

We offer professional 401(k) consulting and management.

What is a 401(k)?
The term “401(k)” refers to a special section of the Internal Revenue code. A 401(k) is a retirement savings vehicle and is generally part of a qualified profit-sharing plan offered to employees to contribute a portion of their wages to individual accounts. Elective salary deferrals are excluded from the employee’s taxable income (except for designated Roth deferrals). A 401(K) plan also allows you to contribute to the employees’ accounts. Then, when the employee retires, distributions, including earnings, are not considered part of taxable income at retirement (except for qualified distributions of designated Roth accounts).

How can we help?
If you are a business owner and you’re considering offering a 401(k) to your employees, we can help you on two different levels. First, we work for you to manage the process and implement the investments, then we work for your employees to secure investments that are truly in the best interests of your participants. We manage:

  • Plan Design
  • Investments
  • Education
  • Administration

Our background
We have been working with 401(k) plan sponsors for over twenty years. Rob began his career with The Principal Financial Group in 1995 – a direct provider of 401(k) plans, who administered more plans than any other company in the country. In 2000, he founded First Texas Financial Services, a full service, multi-line insurance and financial services firm that he grew into a relevant force in the realm of benefits, investments, and 401(k) for the DFW Metroplex.

In 2014, Rob moved the 401(k) and wealth management business from First Texas Financial and created Schulz Wealth, a stand alone registered investment advisory firm focused exclusively on investment management related to personal financial planning and 401(k) consulting.

What can a successful plan mean for your employees?
So why is helping your employees retire so important and worthy of our efforts? We now know that a healthy 401(k) plan means a healthy workforce. When employees see older employees retiring, they are able to understand and appreciate the steps their employer is taking to make their own retirement a reality. We find that these efforts result in both loyalty and higher morale.

Contact us for more information on 401(k)s and how we can help your business and your employees.

Your business may be your largest, most important asset. Transitioning your business successfully is a critical component to your personal financial success. We can help!