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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 62 - The Genesis Of WeBuyHouses.com with Jeremy Brandt


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Jeremy Brandt joined me on the show this week to talk about what it was like to create a household name in WeBuyHouses.com. We talked about what led him to flipping houses in the first place, how he realized that scaling it could work on a national scale, and we also dove into the cyclical nature of the industry. Jeremy’s survived multiple housing industry crashes and shares what strategies he uses in downturns to minimize losses and set himself up for success. Finally, we discussed franchising, why it was the right choice for his business, and what it’s like to run a company with the brand recognition of WeBuyHouses. 

Contact Jeremy at jeremybrandt.com

"I think entrepreneurs, by definition, are very optimistic, and they really just feel success is right around the corner, the next thing's right around the corner. It's a thing that can hurt us, but is also kind of a superpower that lets us push through difficult times and create these successful businesses." - Jeremy Brandt

This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • Revolutionizing Real Estate: WeBuyHouses.com's Genesis
  • Lead Generation for Real Estate Investors
  • Brandt's Approach to Exclusive Real Estate Territories
  • Why Franchising Made Sense For WeBuyHouses
  • Staying Afloat In A Cyclical Industry
  • How To Survive Industry Downturns

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "I love real estate as a long-term wealth-building strategy and long-term cash flow strategy. I think sometimes people go into it thinking it's going to be passive income and an Airbnb is absolutely not passive income for most people." - Jeremy Brandt
  • "I see you being somewhat risk smart in some of these decisions that you make that I applaud you with because a lot of times we don't see that with entrepreneurs. They'll just chase all those bright, shiny things and not even think about the risk. But you've done just a really good job of developing all your businesses in a way that you're looking and going, yeah, no, I don't think I'm going to do that because I don't totally understand it or it's way off over here, or it's just not what I do." - Rob Schulz
  • "But I only have the capacity to do so many things at a time, and it's much better and much better use of my time to focus on two or three really important, high-value things that I can be laser-focused on, then kind of pinging all over the map with every great idea that comes along." - Jeremy Brandt


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