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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 57 - What It Means to Sell Your Business with Dane Craig

Episode 57 (2)
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Dane Craig is the founder of Dakota Distributing, a company he recently sold after over two decades. Rob and Dane focused on what it means to sell your business, how he came to that decision, and what it’s like for him in this post-sale environment. Craig affirms the importance of not only maximizing profits but also of building relationships within the industry, a factor that significantly contributed to his successful business transaction. One of Dane’s top priorities was his employee’s wellbeing, and his ability to still have a role at the company even after selling. Join Rob and Craig for a post-entreprenurial-themed conversation this week on P&L!

Contact Dane at dane@dakotadistributing.com

"If I ever got to the point where I was just running a business status quo and I was just there pulling a paycheck and not contributing as much, it was time to put it in the hands of somebody else to take it to another level, because I did not want to be complacent and I did not want to be a drain." - Dane Craig

This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • Navigating The Sale of Businesses with Varied Assets
  • Getting Started In The Distribution Industry
  • Delegating Responsibilities for Company Growth
  • Timing and Valuation in Business Sales
  • The Entrepreneur’s Journey, Post-Sale

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "If I failed as a result of good work ethic and decent business decisions, then it wasn't meant to be." - Dane Craig
  • "I think sometimes that transition after selling your business can [make you feel lost]. And then the best way to deal with it is to find something within your world that you can get excited about that fits within those boxes of what made you excited about getting in business in the first place." - Rob Schulz
  • “Well, if I went for top dollar and sold to one of my multinational, multibillion dollar companies, they could have swallowed us onto their platform and released some employees. Okay, Dane's pocketbook would have looked good, but Dane's mind would have messed up because I hurt a lot of people.” - Dane Craig

The P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Podcast is a show for business owners. In each episode, host and financial planner Rob Schulz sits down with business owners and the professionals that serve them to talk about business building, life, money — and the all-important transition out of the business, which inevitably happens to everyone who has ever founded a company. 

Email Rob at rob.schulz@schulzwealth.com with questions and comments, or to schedule a one-on-one conversation. 

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