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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 55 - The Emotional Impact of Wealth Planning with Cindy Arledge

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Cindy Arledge, a second-generation commercial real estate investment entrepreneur and family matriarch, has extensive experience in the family planning industry and a unique perspective on wealth management and family relationship nurturing. Arledge believes that successful wealth transfer across generations requires proper training, a strong family culture, and a focus on preserving family relationships. Her perspective is shaped by personal experiences, including the loss of a relationship with her brother due to shared inheritance, which led her to study the right way that wealth should be transferred between generations. Join Rob Schulz and Cindy Arledge on this episode of the Priorities and Lifestyle podcast to learn more about her insights and experiences.

"One of the things I discovered in this process is that money is an amplifier of the relationship that we have with it." - Cindy Arledge

This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • Transferring Wealth Multi-generationally
  • The Emotional Significance of Inherited Possessions
  • The Human Factor in Wealth Planning
  • Creating a Culture of Learning and Legacy
  • Wealth Conversations that Destroy Family Relationships
  • Sentimental vs. Monetary Value
  • Teaching to Learn from Mistakes

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "I think we do our kids and our grandkids a disservice if we don't communicate to them not only the great stuff we've done, but also some of the mistakes." - Rob Schulz
  • "Think about being a leader in your business and how you approach developing your staff. Imagine taking that into your home and developing your children's leadership abilities." - Cindy Arledge
  • "It's the conversations we aren't having that destroy relationships." - Rob Schulz
Contact Cindy Arledge:

Email: cindy@cindyarledge.com

Phone Number: 469-500-5125

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