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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 47 - Creating the Best Business to Work In with

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Ross Paterson is a performance and leadership coach. He is also the President of XM Performance, a consulting, training, and coaching firm that helps small- to mid-sized businesses accelerate their growth. Ross has over 30 years of experience leading, coaching, and teaching in a wide range of environments. He formerly served as the Company Commander of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division and as a general manager at General Electric. In addition to his work at XM Performance, Ross is the founder and Director of Global Fusion, an international development non-profit. He holds a degree in Mathematics from James Madison University.

Ross joins me today to discuss what it takes to optimize a business’ work environment. He explains why it’s critical to build marketing and sales systems that regularly create cash flow. He shares how owners can avoid getting overwhelmed and burnt out. He discusses emotional intelligence in leadership and outlines his “VGHT” principle. Ross also highlights why having a strategic focus is essential to any business’s success and underscores why every organization needs to be clear on its culture.

“Humans want to feel loved and cared for, and they want to work on something that has meaning and purpose.” - Ross Paterson

This Week on Priorities & Lifestyle:

  • Ross’ background and journey to entrepreneurship
  • How his experience in the military translated to his life in corporate America
  • The beginning of Ross’ coaching business and the importance of mindset
  • The ethos behind XM Performance and its mission to make small businesses the best places to work in America
  • The importance of having a strategic success
  • Building teams and hiring the right talent for your organization’s culture
  • The challenges of trying to grow a business quickly
  • Getting clarity in corporate culture
  • Passion, purpose, and different workplace attitudes among the newer generation of workers
  • Making transitions, knowing when to sell, and avoiding burnout
  • Building leaders in an organization
  • Ross’ health and why fitness is essential to him as a business owner






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Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “A big part of being a leader is being able to instill confidence in people and building them as future leaders.” - Rob Schulz

  • “Your success will drive you to the point where you have to find new ways to create revenue.” - Rob Schulz

  • “Business ownership is hard—it can be demanding and all-consuming. If you get burnt out when the whole business is dependent on you, that business will break down.” - Ross Paterson

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