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  The Future is Web 3.0 with Hamiz Mushtaq Awan                        


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Episode 40
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Hamiz Mushtaq Awan is the founder of Plutus21 Capital, a quantitative and fundamental investment firm dedicated to opportunities in the next generation of the internet. Hamiz and the Plutus21 team combine data science and tech with their investment experience to create a proprietary adoption index for investing in adoption leaders and their fastest-adopted competitors.  With over a decade of experience investing in alternatives across multiple countries, Hamiz is regarded as an expert on emerging markets, alternative investments, and entrepreneurship. He graduated from Southern Methodist University as a Don Jackson Fellow and holds a degree in Finance.

Hamiz joins me today to discuss Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web 3.0. He explains why regulation is a necessary part of developing investment innovations and technology. He describes FTX Trading Ltd’s collapse and how the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme continued for decades. He hypothesizes how social media could be reshaped with the advent of Web 3.0. Hamiz also reveals why digital assets distract us from the true potential of Blockchain and why Web 3.0 is better—even if it comes with a cost.

“The only way to get the full potential of technology to change and improve lives is to bring it out of the shadows and into the mainstream—and regulation is a necessary part of that.” - Hamiz Mushtaq Awan

This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • Putting the guard rails and rules & regulations in new investing technology
  • Fraud in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and the fall of FTX Trading Ltd
  • MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street and how one of the biggest Ponzi schemes went on for decades
  • The original promise of Blockchain as a Web 3.0 technology
  • Taking a stand on Web 3.0 and actual, pure Blockchain technology
  • Why digital assets are a distraction and how we can get away from it
  • Investing on the economic ecosystem behind Blockchain as an infrastructure
  • Why Hamiz uses an adoption index as a Blockchain investment strategy
  • The LENS PROTOCOL and reshaping the future of social media in Web 3.0
  • The Uber competitor completely built on Blockchain protocols

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Blockchain and cryptocurrency are revolutionary and necessary—it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not, and it’s best to put our heads together and figure it out.” - Rob Schulz

  • “Character is something you need to look for in the people you want to invest in. Character means doing the right thing even if it’s hard.” - Rob Schulz

  • “Unless we think idealistically, we will all always hate our social media platforms but do nothing about them.” - Hamiz Mushtaq Awan

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