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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle Episode 21- Creating Value in Your Business With Georgine Muntz

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Georgine Muntz is the CEO and Strategic Advisor of Visual Matrix, a software development company that provides an all-in-one property management system for the hospitality industry. They serve over 2,000 properties across 30 countries. As the company’s CEO and Strategic Advisor, Georgine drives innovation and growth strategies that create long-term value and build mission-critical partnerships.

Georgine joins me today to discuss how founders can create value in their business and the value of having an advisor when planning to exit. She shares her academic background and why she shifted from accounting to tech. She explains some of the critical questions founders should ask themselves before selling their company. Georgine also describes the gender differences in pursuing professional goals and how companies can incorporate a rich culture of diversity.

“It’s important to understand that creating independence is the way to create value in your business.” – Georgine Muntz

This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • When Georgine sold her company and the ventures she’s moved forward with
  • Why Georgine shifted from accounting to systems and tech
  • The value of hiring an advisor when selling a business
  • Questions founders should answer if they want to sell their business
  • Why you should let your employees do bad deals
  • Some of the common pitfalls founders make when selling their business
  • Investing in people to make more money
  • Silver linings Georgine found during Covid-19
  • How men and women differ in pursuing goals
  • Why it’s a tough time to be in any role in business
  • How to be more inclusive without looking like you’re pandering




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Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Learn to speak about anything you do in a way that is easily identifiable with the success of the business.” – Georgine Muntz
  • “Every company has a different working capital number – Rob Schulz
  • “If you don’t have something on the other side you can get excited about, you might hang on too hard.” – Rob Schulz

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